CampBrain Academy
  • September 16, 2021
  • Charlotte

CampBrain Academy

In August 2020, we were planning for our first fall without BRAINSTORM in 5 years. While we knew we couldn’t gather in person, we also knew it was more important than ever to find ways to support our clients as they planned for 2021. We also knew we had extra time and resources. Enter the Fall 2020 Education Series, a comprehensive series of live sessions held over Zoom covering a variety of topics aimed at helping our clients prepare for 2021. 

Admittedly, the series was bit of an experiment. Thankfully, it was a success with tons of positive feedback and 100% registration for almost all 17 sessions. When we made the decision to cancel BRAINSTORM again in 2021, offering another online education series was a no-brainer. Having run the series successfully once already, we’re feeling more confident in our abilities. We decided to level up, starting with a new name. Meet CampBrain Academy, the Fall Education Series 2.0. 

CampBrain Academy 2021 will open in October and will offer a variety of lectures, workshops, panels, and expert sessions. We will repeat a number of popular sessions we hosted in 2020, as well as some new sessions, including an introduction to financial reports and reconciliation, a session on camper retention and marketing led by Travis Allison of GoCampPro, and a session led by our product team demonstrating how to implement eChecks and credit card surcharges to save money. 

Whether you’re new or a seasoned expert, CampBrain Academy is here to make sure you head into 2022 with confidence. Fall is the perfect time to reset, refresh your CampBrain skills, and make sure your database is in the best shape possible for next year. Join us for CampBrain Academy – we can’t wait to see you on Zoom! 

Charlotte Paddling

Love your Software, Charlotte