The Camp Management Software
That Grows Along With You

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Unleash your full potential with CampBrain’s suite of user-friendly tools that cater to your every need

CampBrain supports everyone – from your business office to your medical staff – and everything you do. 

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Camp Management

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Staff Management

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Medical Management

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Camp Store



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Conference Center

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Turn your data into action with data-driven reporting tools that provide you with valuable insights and recommendations

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Generate weekly reports – from financial summaries and rosters to parent statements and more – instantly and on demand.

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Customize your reports – or even build new ones – to capture the information you need in the format that’s best for you.

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Turn your data into
the kind of valuable insights that lead to improved decision-making – and happy, productive teams.

Delight and satisfy parents with a hassle-free registration process

Help parents feel great about choosing your camp right from the get-go with a registration process that’s polished and professional.

Learn how effortless it is to use your camp software

Choosing a camp management solution is like choosing a camp: the fit has to be just right. Want to know if CampBrain is a perfect match for you? Get in touch. We’ll discuss your needs, walk you through the system and answer any questions you have.