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  • May 12, 2021
  • Luke

The Fall Education Series

In a normal year, fall at CampBrain is fast-paced, non-stop and arguably a bit chaotic (but exciting). After Labour Day, we typically hit the groud running with a big release, new roles, new hires, and of course, BRAINSTORM. Like most things in 2020, our fall season looked different this year. With the cancellation of BRAINSTORM, we realized we had some extra time and resources. This led to the creation of the Fall 2020 Education Series.

This series came about as a result of many discussions focused on what can CampBrain do to help camps get through this challenging time. 2020 has been an uncertain time for camps and we still don’t know what’s exactly to come in 2021, so we decided to do something a little bit extra to support our users. We ended up planning a comprehensive series of live sessions held over Zoom covering an array of topics. The series was defined by the following goal:

  1. Support camps during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    We aimed to offer an extensive list of accessible and informative sessions on variety of topics that will help CampBrain users get in good shape for 2021.
  2. Create and foster connections.
    Many are feeling isolated right now and connection, even virtual, is more important than ever. We wanted the series to allow our clients to connect with us on a different level than phone call or email.
  3. Enable camps to learn from the experts.
    A major benefit of an online education series is that we aren’t restricted by time or travel. We committed to involving different experts, from camping industry professionals to our own users.

The series has been off and running since the beginning of October. A few highlights include:
– A week-long new user series focused on teaching the basics of CampBrain.
– The ongoing Meet the Modules series where actual CampBrain users outlined their experiences with us and session attendees.
– Two brilliant sessions on data management in fundraising and the conference center by Pam Harris and Garrie Stevens from Run River.
– One incredibly engaging, inspiring session on sales in the camp industry by Roz and Jed Buck.
– Over 300 people registered!
– Zero sessions rescheduled as a result of questionable internet.

When we first started planning this series in August, we truly didn’t know how it would go. But the feedback has been wonderful, and on our end, the series has been a breath of fresh air. It has been a delight for us to connect with you, see your faces, hear your voices, share our knowledge, and answer your questions – even through a computer screen.

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