We released the new Staff module in our Web version yesterday. Our Development Team did not just want to re-create the same experience from the Desktop version – we knew we could improve upon it and it would mean more time and energy to analyse and consider various options. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say they reviewed hundreds of staff applications. This part was key to getting the online application structure and experience top-notch. That hard work meant they were able to identify the commonalities and structure appropriate sections, ultimately making the applicant’s job a pleasure.

They also had a working group of camps over the past many months, bouncing ideas around, showing prototypes, listening to ideas and processes. We really do sweat the details and there is no easy or quick road. You have to go through each step of the process to get the end result you want!

Our Operations crew has also spent many weeks preparing videos, how-to documents, testing, training, etc. As I write this, we are leading our first webinar and it is a packed house, figuratively speaking!

I love the new module and I know it will make a difference in your daily work at camp. I can’t highlight everything here but these are some of my favourite parts:

The Online Application

We did the hard work. We know the exact sections needed. You just choose the sections you want, customize the parts needed within and publish. The data is collected in a very logical and efficient manner and it is incredibly intuitive and elegant  for your applicants.

You can publish as many online applications as you want. One of our camps has 7 different apps for the different types of staff configured already and the module is barely out 24 hrs. I love it because the online experience is tailored so nicely to each of those applicant groups. Perfect for appealing to volunteers as well as paid staff.

The applicants have a dashboard that walks them through the sections you have chosen (e.g. position preferences, education, certifications, etc.).

The Hiring Process

The Dev Team were really smart in coming up with a hiring workflow, identifying the stages that camps go through in the process (e.g. applicant, job offered, hired) and then they were able to hang a lot of the features off those stages. This will make your life easier as you juggle tens or hundreds of applicants, figuring out where they are in the process and where to fit them in your team.

Periods and Positions

You will be able to define your periods in the summer to assist you with position and cabin/group assignment. If you want to assign positions on a weekly basis, great. If you want to assign positions for the entire summer, no problem. The same applies to cabins and groups – you can assign them to staff on whatever timeframe makes sense to you.

Financial Flexibility

We had always noted the incredible variety by which camp staff is paid across North America. Whole summer salaries, hourly rates, weekly amounts, completion bonuses, expertise pay, etc. You know what I mean! Well, the Dev Team managed to provide an elegant structure for this incredible flexibility. You will love this part.

Frankly, there is a lot more to say but I will leave it at that.

We are running regular webinars through the Fall and into the Winter; we have videos and how-to docs; we will focus quite a bit on the module at BRAINSTORM; and, of course, we are here if you have questions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new addition to CampBrain!