• October 25, 2018
  • Rob

Josh Turns 10

On October 27, 2008, Josh Bradshaw joined CampBrain in our technical support team. He came from a strong camp tradition via Camp Wenonah. We had just moved to our new, bigger offices and we were busy. We had been consistently growing, with our software (desktop, at the time) having everything needed to run a camp.

From technical support, Josh moved into a sales role, working closely with me over many years. As we transitioned to our Web platform, away from our desktop version, Josh played a pivotal role in introducing the “new” CampBrain to the camp community. He has traveled to every corner of North America to present CampBrain and built relationships in the industry that will stand the test of time.

While I could elaborate on Josh’s particular accomplishments here (which have lead to great success for us as a company), I prefer to focus on him as a person, shining a light on his character.

Josh radiates humility, kindness and empathy. His capacity for caring and empathy extends to everyone – clients, the company, his co-workers, the product, prospective clients, the camp community. Josh just cares and he cares a lot. You feel it when you are with him.

Josh takes a team approach to everything. He does not place himself and his interests at the center – for him, it is always about the team and what is best for the group. He leads by example. Whether it is in the office or at camp community events, he walks the walk and let’s his values (and those of the company) take the lead. Respectful, professional, open, straight-forward and honest, this is someone people want to talk to, want to do business with, want to work with. Incredibly committed to our company’s objectives and goals, he takes a very practical and positive “let’s do this” approach…and it is infectious to all around him. And he is an extremely focused, committed and flat-out hard worker!

We have been incredibly fortunate to watch Josh’s personal life flourish as well. This happens when you spend 10 years together! Newly married when he joined us, he’s added 2 fabulous daughters to the mix, along with a house purchase. We’re a tight-knit group and these life events are so meaningful to everyone here. We have often witnessed Josh’s commitment to his brothers, mother and various trips back home to Maine. Josh brings his whole self to the table and it has impacted everyone here in an incredibly positive way.

We talk a fair bit about impact at CampBrain. Josh has made an immeasurable impact here. It would be very difficult to think of CampBrain without Josh. Congratulations on an impactful and successful 10 years with us, Josh! Thanks for being you.

Rob Carmichael

Love your Software,

Rob rob@campbrain.com