Hybrid Life at CampBrain

  • January 27, 2023
  • Miriam

Hybrid Life at CampBrain

Over the past 2.5 years, CampBrain has transformed from the inside out. We were an almost fully in-person company where everyone came into the office. Our culture, traditions, and cadence all revolved around weekdays in the office together. We loved seeing each other, playing with the office dogs, sharing home-baked treats in the kitchen, and walking for coffee to our favourite local café: Black Canary.

In March 2020, that changed abruptly as we spent the next year and a half working from home. When we re-opened the office in September 2022, we had some decisions to make.

We decided to launch our Hybrid Office, and a year & change later, here is where we are:

  • Brainers have the flexibility to work & live wherever suits them best
  • We work in Eastern Standard Time
  • We support Brainers’ set-up and upkeep of a home workspace
  • We provide welcoming desks in the office for anyone who wants to use them

Brainers are enthusiastic about the flexibility, much better-suited now to meeting their life outside of work. We can spend more time with family, live outside Toronto, and easily work from home when needed – or pop into the office whenever we’d like. We also widened our hiring pool and now hire people from coast to coast!

As mentioned, this is all new to us; establishing our hybrid office raised some questions and challenges, especially around how & when we gather and connect:

  1. How often will we all see each other?
  2. How can we provide opportunities for Brainers to build the kinds of bonds we cultivated when we saw each other every day, and connect Brainers across different teams?
  3. How will we adapt our traditions & culture to the hybrid workplace?


Just last week, we launched our Hybrid Cadence initiative, to answer the first question.

Hybrid means being able to work from the office when we want to – especially when there are new hats to pick up!


The hybrid office poses unique challenges for our newest team members. Transitioning an existing relationship online is different than creating one from scratch! It is important that Brainers feel welcomed right from the get-go and can easily get a sense of who we are. We re-thought our entire Onboarding process, to focus on welcoming people who were not able to be in the office with a bunch of colleagues. Our changes included:


The experience of completely changing how we worked together prompted us to think intentionally and creatively about the Art of Gathering. How & when would we gather? How could we make it special and get the most out of our time together? Here are a few of the ways we have started:

Last year’s ‘CB Games’ brought together an asynchronous series of challenges tapping into Brainers’ various talents and interests – Rachel put her amazing baking skills towards creating this Team Red-themed red velvet cake for one of the challenges!

All these new initiatives and ideas are still in the process of evolving, of course. That will always continue! We will keep trying new things, and iterating on what we’ve done before. While we don’t expect to replicate our past culture, we are excited for what we’re building now, and how much more flexible and inclusive it will be.

We look forward to keeping you in the loop, as we do!

A portrait of Miriam, P&C coordinator

Love Your Software – and your Brainers,