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Camp Management Software, Made Easy!

Streamline your to-do list with CampBrain’s powerful management tool, designed for every camp setting – from summer and auxiliary, day, overnight and faith-based, to special needs, conference centers and more.


Simplify your admin load

Optimize your task management with robust solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various camp settings, including schools, day, overnight, faith-based, special needs, conference centers, and YMCAs.


Take control of your day with a full suite of flexible, user-friendly tools

CampBrain supports everyone – from your business office to your medical staff – and everything you do. Help parents feel great about choosing your camp right from the get-go with a registration process that’s polished and professional.

Tech support for non-techies

CampBrain customer service is and always will be “bot”-free. Get support from real people who know how to solve real problems.


Take control of your day with a full suite of flexible, user-friendly tools

Turn your data into the kind of valuable insights that lead to improved decision-making – and happy, productive teams.


Camp Experts Empowering Fellow Camp Professionals!

Demonstrate Care. Bring Joy. Learn Continuously. We apply those classic camp rules to everything we do and every client relationship.

Technology Assistance Made Easy

Talk to a real person, not a “bot”.