• November 5, 2018
  • Luke

Here we grow again!

In 2008, CampBrain moved into our office at 366 Adelaide Street East in Toronto – we had spent the last 6 years in a smaller, less central location. We were a team of around 15 people. We were entirely on the “desktop” version of CampBrain and growing.

Our building is on the east side of the city, about 1km from the “core”. Near the St. Lawrence Market, it’s a historic part of the city. With exposed brick, big wooden beams throughout and some less-than-even floors, the building is similar to CampBrain….with lots of character!

Formerly a Heintzman & Co piano factory, then a hub of recording studios, it is now a commercial office space serving a wide group of companies as well as being a Heritage Property in Toronto. Fifteen minutes from our central transportation hub, Union station, around the corner from some of the best coffee shops in Toronto, down the street from the “Market”, it is a fantastic spot.

We take care of decorating our office to reflect our values. Those of you who have visited will know. We have our signature green on the walls, our canoe portager is never far away, and we have fantastic pictures of campers and staff from our 10 “founding” camps to honour where we started as a company. We are a values-based and principles-driven company and we like to have those reminders on our walls! It’s helpful to be reminded about why we are here, who we are serving and what our purpose is.

Companies in the technology sector like to talk about hyper-growth – grow as large and fast as possible. Frankly, that’s just not our story. Steady, manageable, consistent growth….yes….hyper-growth, no. We have consistently added to our space here just about every 2-3 years. Now, in 2018, we moved our product development team to a great new space – big, open and bright. Multiple meeting and collaboration spaces, walls and walls of whiteboard, technology to properly support remote people and room to continue to grow our development crew, we are all really excited about this newest stage of growth.

On our 10-year anniversary in 366, with 8000+ sq ft, a team of 40+, and now on the “web” version of CampBrain, that steady, consistent growth in a great space has served us very well. We are eager to see where the next 10 years takes us.

Luke wearing a baseball cap covered in birds

Love your Software, LukeW lukew@campbrain.com