In grand tradition, we love celebrating our colleagues’ milestones!  Please take a moment to read about your favorite Brainers and their 5-year journey at CampBrain.

Vicky Fenwick-Sehl

If you have called into Support, went through our onboarding process, or had a report request over the last 5 years, chances are that you’ve spoken to Vicky! 

Over the last couple of years, Vicky identified that she had a passion for the technical and wanted to learn more about what it took to build software. She began taking courses and has also been formally mentored by folks on our Software Engineering team. In July 2022, that passion and drive resulted in Vicky officially taking on the role as a Junior Software Developer!  

During her final year on our Operations team, Vicky played a critical role in mentoring our incoming new Support team members and was responsible for educating and training them on our custom reporting tool. Vicky took on this responsibility with the same drive, enthusiasm and care she does with everything.  

Beyond her work, Vicky is just a great person to know. She can strike up a conversation about anything with anyone – but her favourite topic is likely anything to do with reality tv. On a more personal note, during Vicky’s tenure at CampBrain, we were able to celebrate in some very exciting milestones including getting her dog (Joey), getting engaged and married, and buying her first house!   

Mason Huycke  

Mason came to CampBrain as a client. He knew people who worked here and very eager to help other software users succeed. Mason hit the ground running and quickly proved himself to be exceedingly capable. It became clear that Mason was also one of the most empathetic and friendly people to join us at CampBrain. I’m sure many of you have spoken to Mason in various calls to our support, and I am equally sure that after doing so, you felt better about the day. His calming attitude and understanding character, combined with wealth of knowledge made him a go-to person both internally and for our clients.  

Mason is a an active contributor to our  company culture. He sat for years at the desk closest to our kitchen and had a treat ready for anyone stopping by to say hello; needless to say, many Brainers across the company did so! On our Social Committee, Mason has been a regular feature in our annual fundraising for Amici Camping Charity – from portaging & paddling along Toronto’s waterfront to hosting a trivia fundraiser.  

Most recently, Mason has moved from being the point-person for all things Support to being a contributing member of our development team, ensuring any changes we make to the software are working as expected, and the way our clients want them to. With the move to his new Quality Assurance role, he has brought over his light-hearted nature, that has worked its way through the entire department. We are lucky to now be experiencing what his colleagues on the Support team have felt for years.  

Reece Wilkin 


In 2017 Reece was hired on to CampBrain to fill the role of Report writing that we so desperately needed. He quickly absorbed every bit of knowledge we had for him, and proceeded to find new, interesting, and efficient ways to tackle the problems faced by him and the entire reporting team. If you have requested reports anytime in the past 5 years, there is a large chance that Reece has contributed to it in some fashion, whether that be best practices, or writing it himself. He quickly became the go to person for even people more senior than him at the company. Everyone feeling the vast levels of knowledge and care he brought to everything he touched.  

Beyond work contributions, he brought his unique flair to the office culture. Reece is always ready with a great music recommendation or introduce you to rock climbing. He took on an early leadership role in advancing our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, and his active support for these initiatives continues. Currently, he volunteers as Culture Buddy for our new hires, and his friendly attitude is a wonderful welcome to them in their early days.  

He brought his care, knowledge and problem-solving with him when he also made the transition to the development team and a Quality Assurance member. He quickly suggested more effective and intelligent processes the Software Engineering team could implement, many of which were adopted immediately by the entire team. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Reece, Mason, and Vicky have been a force for change over the past 5 years at CampBrain. We feel immense gratitude for their contributions.  

Love your Software,