• December 30, 2022
  • Miriam

Welcome, New Brainers of 2022!

As we look back on the year, as you heard in Rob’s Year In Review post, one of the major highlights for us was welcoming eleven new Brainers to the team! Every new team member brings their unique experience and perspective to our work and culture. As they settle in, we learn more about what their contributions and legacy will look like here; what they will teach us & what we will cultivate together. One of our values is bringing joy, and few things bring us as much joy as getting to know new Brainers!  

As we look back at the year, we wanted to introduce them all to you and share some highlights from their first 1-9 months at CampBrain: 

Aderinola: As part of my role as the People & Culture Manager, I decided to set up a 1:1 meeting with each Brainer shortly after joining CampBrain. It was a highlight to get to know a bit more about everyone on the team, and appreciate the unique talents, skills, and personality each Brainer brings to the table. 

Edegilson: One highlight from my time at CampBrain is the flexibility of being able to work from home or from the office – when I do go into the office, I get to see more of what other Brainers do every day. Having lunch together in the office kitchen is a great way to get to know everyone! 

Tasha: Something that surprised me was how amazing our coworkers and clients truly are! It was very refreshing for me, coming into a new position and immediately feeling valued and that I can make personal connections with our clients. 

Heather: My biggest highlight at CampBrain so far would be visiting Oconto in September and getting to meet so many Brainers! Being new to the company, it was a great way to meet people in a casual, no-pressure environment where everyone was having fun. From the camp weekend, and all my other experiences so far, I can confidently say that the culture at CampBrain is the most welcoming and genuine I have experienced at a new job, and I am super grateful for that! 

Lindsay: My highlight from joining CampBrain is the consistent feeling of a giant network of support helping me learn the ropes and adjust to a new career! 

Andy:  It was a highlight for me to head up to Camp Oconto for a weekend away with everyone in September. Camp had such a positive influence on my life. It was great to get to know a new camp, and get to know my colleagues in a camp setting – from swimming to Spikeball to board games. There is nowhere quite like camp!

Annabelle: I would say that a highlight from my time at CampBrain would be the games night at the office. It was such a fun way to get to know people from around the company that I would not usually interact with. Also, the debriefs with my onboarding cohort have always been a blast. It has been awesome learning as a group and seeing how far we have come from some of our first meetings.  

Graham: When I was hired, I found out there were two other Brainers in the Halifax area: Reece & David. For one of our full-company meetings, State of the Brain, we all got together at David’s house, with Pip & Mason, who were visiting from Toronto. It was a highlight to join that meeting as CB East! 

Bryanna: It has definitely been a highlight that the CampBrain office is dog-friendly! I’ve had the chance to bring Winston in a few times now, and he has loved getting to know the Brainers just as much as I have.

Raphael: One thing that surprised me was the onboarding process. I have been in multiple onboardings throughout my career and usually, they are boring and exhaustive, for both the person that is guiding and the one that is learning. At CampBrain, my onboarding was amazing, because I had the chance to get to know multiple people from different areas. The fact that I got to meet different people to learn about different topics was already a nice surprise for each meeting. While it happened over the first weeks of my time at CampBrain, it is something I would like to highlight.  

Our 2022 Brainers each bring something special to our team. We are excited to see what their next months at CampBrain will bring and cannot wait to continue getting to know them! 

Love Your Software, 


Culture Coordinator