May we get a drum roll please? It is with great pleasure that we announce the first inductee into the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame….John Bouwmeester from YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps!

After 35 nominees, 10,000+ votes cast…John had the highest number of votes (by a margin of less than 100).

David Martin, the CEO of the State YMCA of Michigan, nominated John and had this to say in his description:

“John is truly the CAMP BRAIN for YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps! From the day he started, his calm demeanor, great people skills and wonderful ability to multi-task has allowed our camps to flourish. Honestly, we would not have such satisfied campers, families, staff, board and administration if it wasn’t for John.
There are so many times that I will get a phone call where people take the time to compliment John. How he took the time on the phone to assist them with a problem or issue, how he is such a good-natured person, or how in the height of the craziness of the summer camping season – just like “Radar O’Reilly” from the TV series “MASH,” John has already done the impossible and had it all organized before someone even asked for it.
John has taken our organization from technologically inferior to tech. superior! We are always moving forward with appropriate trends in registration and all the associated forms and materials that make camp tick. John has listened to both staff and parents and been able to respond by making our operation more effective for our customers and cost effective for our camps.
Lastly, John has a wonderful, yet dry sense of humor. He will say many things that will make us laugh or brighten our day, but sometimes we will have left his desk area and then laugh, because it took us awhile to get the joke.
John’s family has embraced YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps as well. His wife has been a super help to us at busy registration times, and his sons regularly volunteer to help out in many ways.
It is a joy to nominate John Bouwmeester for the Camp Administrators Hall of Fame! There is no one who is more worthy of the honor!”

Congratulations, John! Well done.

I commented on the success of the first year of the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame yesterday and, now announcing the first inductee, this is a great way to complete the first season of the Hall!

Thanks to everyone that participated. We will open the site for nominations for 2015 shortly!

Love your Software,


P.S. John, we will be in touch to chat about prizes! 🙂