There is something very satisfying about a well-crafted “summary” screen on a camp management software – it gives you everything you want in one place without having to open multiple screens, it saves clicks and it is something you use every day. It just feels good. We tend to debate the position of every aspect of every screen here and it can sometimes seem like we’re crazy lunatics! But, when you use a piece of camp management software every day, it is the small details that can make a huge difference.

So, this is an area that has received much debate here: the camper’s registration summary.

This is the type of screen that you want to be complete (it has all, or most, of the info you commonly need) and simple (easy to quickly glance at while on the phone with a parent and get the “story”). Some points to consider about this summary:

1,2,3 – It has 3 main sections meant to answer 3 basic questions: what are they registered in? do they have all their forms completed? what is the financial situation? The 3 sections are cleanly displayed, one after the other, without additional clutter. You can launch into a variety of actions from this screen but the main purpose is to get you the critical info quickly and succinctly.

4 – It is worth noting that you can easily monitor the status of all forms here. Undoubtedly, this is one of the more tedious tasks in camp administration and this status reminder plays an important role in ensuring everyone knows the current status including the parent who has their window into the status in their online account.

5 – We have really worked hard to ensure we are displaying what is most important right up front without additional clicks, and not showing “extra” information that might clutter things. This type of information such as “camper notes” is still easily accessible and expandable when needed.