• February 4, 2021
  • Luke

Return of the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame

The Camp Admin Hall of Fame is back for 2021! We are excited to recognize the tireless efforts, hard work, and unbelievable dedication that all camp administrators put forward – now more then ever. 

Nominations for the Camp Admin Hall of Fame are open, and will be open until March 19th. We already have a remarkable list of nominees that you can get to know. I recommend you read their bios, reflect on the wonderful work your administrator does, then nominate them for the Camp Admin Hall of Fame!

As for entering the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame, there are three ways:

The Maple Award – Most Votes

The Maple award celebrates communities that can rally behind one person. It is awarded to the administrator with the most total votes across all nominees. 

This Inductee will receive:

The Beech Award – Highest Average Votes

The Beech award celebrates small, yet vocal communities. The Beech recognizes these communities that may be small in numbers, but large in heart. 

This Inductee will receive:

The Oak Award – Lifetime Achievement

Coordinating, communicating, and organizing a camp office year-round is no easy task. Doing it for a decade? That requires an incredible amount of dedication and love of what you do. 

The Oak award celebrates those camp administrators who are the backbone of their organization. The pros, who day in day out raise the bar, and are people who you can rely on with any task.

The Oak award is provided to a maximum of 3 people a year. The Oak award recognizes administrators that:

  1. Have been a camp administrator for at least 10 years 
  2. Have been nominated at least twice for the Camp Admin Hall of Fame 
  3. Have received at least a cumulative total of 1,000 votes 

The Inductees will receive:

Being a camp administrator is hard, often unrecognized work. Simply put, campers do not arrive at camp without an incredibly organized and efficient camp admin.  

Nominations are open. After a year of uncertainty and turbulence, let’s take the time to acknowledge these camp admin and recognize the awesome work they do.

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