Five New Faces

Portraits of five new brainers with decorations
  • October 15, 2021
  • Luke

Five New Faces

Supporting our clients is the highest priority at CampBrain. In the summer, when camp is in full swing, our phones begin to quiet down. This gives us the opportunity to plan for next season. This past summer it involved hiring 5 new “Brains” to the team who will help in our continued effort to serve you at the highest level.

Please join us in welcoming – Paul, Saidbh, Hayley, Mark & Sharmylae – these five new faces joined our support team. Below, they each wrote a bio on their journey to CampBrain, what makes them “tick”, and some of their interests. They’ll be getting to know all about you and your operations this season, so they wanted to give you a chance to get to know them! They look forward to helping you with all your camp management software needs.


Helping people and solving puzzles has always been a passion of mine. Through CampBrain I am able to combine these two loves and build meaningful moments with different communities! I have learned so much about the camp community and am eager to learn more! I spend my days off with my dog, Preston, and my partner Tom dreaming of the next road trip or adventure.


Helping people has always been something I have tried to do in every aspect of my life – whether as a Girl Guide back in my home country of Ireland, a music and art teacher, or a camp counsellor (Camp Can-Aqua has a special place in my heart), I have always taken pride in sharing what I know with the people around me. Camp people are some of the best that you’ll meet – working together in a fun and engaging manner is what we do best, and I’m excited to get to work in this way at CampBrain.


I am incredibly grateful for the summers I was able to spend at camp growing up. Whether it be day or overnight camp, I always came home with new friends, experiences, and camp songs that are still stuck in my head to this day. CampBrain has allowed me to work directly with amazing individuals who help make camp such an unforgettable experience for kids. Outside of work, you can find me planning road trips to anywhere and everywhere or attending live theatre whenever I can.


Empathy and excellent customer service have always been the guiding pillars throughout my career. CampBrain gives me a platform to share those values with clients and camps all across North America. By connecting to individuals and clients, listening authentically and providing the best solution to their issues, I’m able to share my love of the CampBrain software, the CampBrain team and the Camp industry. Outside of work, you can find me watching films with friends or relaxing in the closest park (preferably with lots of dogs).


The only thing better than learning something new is sharing that knowledge with others! I’m delighted to get to do this every day. I’m a lightning designer for theatre, so you can spot me checking out the latest shows and giving tips on the best lighting for video calls. I didn’t spend much time at camp as a kid, but it’s great to be helping clients so they can focus on the fun part – helping creating lifelong memories!

Join us in welcoming these five new faces to the team!

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Love your Software, LukeW