• May 7, 2019
  • Luke

Camp Admin Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees

2019 was a very special year with significant changes to the way the Hall operates. With 5 total inductees and 2 new ways to enter the Hall, it was understandably an electric atmosphere. It was amazing to see all the positivity in the community and all the energy around each nominee.  

In 2019 we had 21 total nominees and over 10,000 votes. A remarkable year in the Camp Admin Hall of Fame!

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in 2019, and congratulations to the 2019 Camp Admin Hall of Fame inductees:

The Maple (Most Votes)

Michelle Heimall – Horizons, South Windham CT

Michelle is putting her money into the Itsy Bitsy Fund for camperships at Camp Horizon, which will help send Ben to camp. Ben has attended camp Horizons (a special need camp) for 14 years but the state grant money he needs to go to camp has been cut in half. With this money, Ben will be able to attend camp for his 15th year!

Here is just a bit of what was said about Michelle in her nomination:

 “She is both a behind-the-scenes force and an actively involved day-to-day leader, the powerful voice and public face of the camp administration team. For many campers and their families, Michelle IS Camp Horizons. Her outgoing personality and wry sense of humor are their immediate connection to this sunshiny world of fun and friendship and happy memories, a magical spot called by so many over the years “their favorite place on earth.” 

The Beech (Highest Average Votes)

Erin Sunstrum – Camp Wanapitei

Erin elected to donate to the Taylor Statten Bursary Fund, which does wonderful work across Ontario.

Here is just a bit of what was said about Erin:

“Erin is a do-er. In my career, I have NEVER known a single person who can get things done the way that Erin Sunstrum does. We are in awe of her ability to handle a never-ending task list including the day-to-day stuff and also do large projects.”


The Oak (Lifetime Achievement)

Caron Brick – Camp Wenonah

Caron, who has been nominated 5 times for the CAHoF has been at Camp Wenonah for over 18 years. She wanted her campership donation to go to the Kids in Camp charity.

Here is a bit of what was said about Caron in her nomination:

“In many ways, Caron is the public face (and voice!) of Camp. She responds to countless phone calls and emails each year. For all those parents anxious about sending their child to Camp for the first time, she offers calm reassurance. She has answered thousands of parent questions, and given those parents the confidence that a Camp experience will be right for their child.”

Patti Stulberg – Camp Robin Rood

At 26(!) years as a camp administrator, Patti is our longest serving admin that was nominated for the hall! Patti has also chosen the Kids in Camp charity for her campership donation.

Here is a bit of what was said about Patti for her nomination to the Hall:   

“Patti has been at the forefront of every administrative innovation or change Robin Hood has undergone. As a valued contributor to our Leadership Team discussions, Patti’s insight has provided us with the ability to seamlessly blend the traditions of delivering the camp experience to parents with an eye of how technology can provide much needed efficiencies.”


Rikki Galusha – Adirondack Camp

Rikki has been at Adirondack Camp for more than 19 years working in every area at Adirondack Camp. She sent her campership donation to the Adirondack Camp Scholarship Fund.

Here is a little bit about what was said of Rikki in her nomination to the hall:

“Rikki handles all aspects of camper enrollment, from speaking with parents about our programs to processing payments and setting up the kids’ camp store spending money. Every letter or package that comes in or out of camp passes by her desk on its way to reassure a parent at home or brighten a child’s day at camp.”


To read more about each winner, check out their bios here.

Thank you again for a fantastic year. We look forward to seeing everyone for the 2020 Camp Admin Hall of Fame!

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