• August 29, 2019
  • Luke

3 tips to start your 2020 season on the right foot

Just like that, Summer 2019 has come to an end. Isn’t it amazing how long you prepare for the summer, for it to be over in a snap?  

Now that families are returning to their ‘normal’ lives, you should have a strategy to stay at the top of mind heading into the 2020 camp season. Here are 3 tips to start your 2020 camp season off on the right foot. 

Thank your families for an awesome summer

Make sure to reach out to your families and show them how fun this summer was. Include photos from your most successful events, share GMICs (great moments in camping), and send them well wishes for the school year ahead.  

Personal letters or emails are always the best, but if you don’t have time, post something general to Facebook with your favorite moments and photos from camp! A newsletter works great too, and if you don’t have one it’s never too late to start.


Year in Review 

What changed at camp this year? Has your camp grown, brought on a new full-time staff member, or are there improvements to your facilities? Are there any exciting announcements you’ll have in the next few months? Reflect on the year that was and start looking forward to the 2020 Camp season 

This is a perfect post a month after camp ends right after the back to school rush. It’ll put you back in the minds of parents and is a great opportunity to share your 2020 registration dates and early bird discount.  

Year-Round Programming 

Let families know early what programming you’ll have available to them this Fall and Winter. Everyone is or gets busy, and the sooner they know about a Women/Men’s retreat, Winter Camp, or an Alumni gathering, the more people will attend! An early touch base with all your events, and then a few small and simple posts leading up to the event will ensure that it is a success. 


By doing all three of these tips, you’ll be communicating with your families at an opportune time and providing them with valuable information. When it comes time to decide what camp to attend in 2020, you’ll be the first they think of! 

Do you need some inspiration to get started? CampHacker.tv has a fantastic post with Joanna Warren that should give you some motivation to get your 2020 season started early! 


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