• January 28, 2019
  • Luke

2019 Camp Administrator Hall of Fame Changes

There is a wide variety of camp administrators. Part time, full time, multiple location, and admins who are directors, facilities managers, and food service directors (the ones who do it all). To recognize a more diverse group of administrators, we are introducing two new ways to be inducted into the Camp Admin Hall of Fame.

The new ways to be inducted are by receiving The Beech, or meeting the criteria for The Oak. These new ways are in addition to the traditional Most Votes system, now called The Maple.

The Beech – Highest Average Votes

An intimate, engaged camp community is special. It’s a unique experience, to be working in the camp office, but still know everyone at camp by name, especially considering you don’t have activities or constructed activities with them. We want to recognizes these communities, where the population may be small, but vocal. Thus, we have added this new path for induction to the Hall.

Induction into the CAHoF with the highest average votes is straightforward; the nominee with the highest average votes per camper population (total votes/summer camper totals for 2018). If you are inducted this way, you will receive:

The Oak – Lifetime Achievement

There is something to be said for dedicated, longtime administrators. These individuals are the backbone of the organization. The pros, who day in day out raise the bar, and people you know you can ask any question.

Provided to a maximum of 3 people a year, the Lifetime Achievement induction recognizes administrators that:

  1. Have been a camp administrator for at least 10 years
  2. Have been nominated at least twice for the Camp Admin Hall of Fame
  3. Have received at least a cumulative total of 1000 votes

These inductees receive:

The Maple – Most Votes

These two awards are in addition to our usual induction method, which celebrates communities that are able to rally behind one person. The Maple is awarded for the most total votes across all nominees. This inductee will receive:

Being a camp administrator is hard, and often, unrecognized work. I have worked at four different camps, and at each one the most important person was our administrator. Simply put, campers do not arrive at camp without an incredibly organized and efficient camp admin.

Nominations are open. Let’s take the time to acknowledge these individuals, and recognize the incredible work these people do!

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