Service Description CampBrain


There are two sections to the Application Services: Online Registration and Customer Portal. “Online Registration” represents the interface and functionality that allows Customer’s customers (“Registrants”) to register, pay and complete forms online. “Customer Portal” represents the interface and functionality that allows Customer’s employees (“Users”) to add and edit data in CampBrain.

  1. Online Registration

Online Registration consists of the following functionality and services:

a. Online Forms. Registrants will be able to enter their information into online forms for purposes of registration with Customer. Registrants will be able to submit these forms once completed (see 3c below).

b. Registration. Registrants will be able to enter personal and other data required by Customer’s Registration form.

i. Camp and Session Selection. Registrants will be able to select their camps and sessions, as presented by Customer (see 3b below).

ii. Shopping Cart. Registrants will be presented with the cost associated with their selected camps and sessions (as defined by Customer). Costs will be totalled when the Registrant completes the registration process.

c. Enrollment Management. Throughout the registration period Customer will have the option to control the number of slots available online for each session. The number of slots will not be presented to Registrants, but a Registrant will be told if a session or session option is “full”.

d. Required Fields. Registrants can be required to complete certain data fields, as specified by Customer as part of the form creation process. 

e. Application Fee Payment.

i. Check. If Customer specifies, Registrants will be able to pay their application fees by mailing a check directly to Customer. 

ii. Credit Card. If Customer specifies, Registrants will be able to pay their application fees by credit card. BrainRunner can obtain credit card information from Registrants via the Internet “gateway” (which verifies the transaction) so that Registrants can make the payments associated with Online Registration. 

2. Customer Portal

Customer Portal consists of the following functionality and services:

a. Standard Forms. Customer will be able to enter and edit data in all of the standard forms within CampBrain. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of data entered.

b. Customer-created Forms. Customer may create forms containing data fields required by Customer to supplement the Standard Forms. Customer may add and edit data in these fields (see 3c below)

c. Registration and Financial. Customer may establish camps, sessions, options and prices. Customer may add and edit registrations, charges and payments (see 3b below).

d. Reporting and Communication. Customer may generate reports and communicate with Registrants from CampBrain. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of data on the reports and all forms of communication.

e. User Accounts. Customer may establish unique logins for Users. Customer may assign defined rights and privileges to each User (see 3d).

3. Customer’s Responsibilities

a. Hyperlink. Customer will create a hyperlink from its website to BrainRunner’s designated website to enable Registrants to access BrainRunner’s online services. 

b. Sessions, Session Options and Prices. Sessions, session options and prices will be entered directly by Customer into the “camp builder” of CampBrain. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information.

c. Form Creation and Content. Customer will be solely responsible for creating, reviewing and ensuring that the Customer-created forms (online or offline) contain questions that properly collect the data Customer requires, and for all communication and use of data in respect of the Registrants.

d. Users. Customer will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the rights and privileges assigned to the Users, ensuring the list of Users is up-to-date and that the Users meet the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The number of Users (or login accounts) may not exceed the maximum as specified in the Agreement.

e. Notice to Registrants. Customer will use its best efforts to encourage Registrants to use Customer’s online registration. Customer will be responsible for all contractual relations with Registrants, including establishing appropriate end user contracts or terms appropriately reflective of the terms of the Agreement, as well as providing appropriate and required disclosure and policies, including but not limited to those concerning personal information, security and privacy, for which Customer will be solely and directly responsible to Registrants and for which BrainRunner has no contractual privity or other responsibility.  The foregoing is independent and irrespective of the fact that BrainRunner may institute its own terms of use and privacy policy with Registrants in respect to their use of the Services and online registration site maintained by BrainRunner.

f. Financial and Fulfillment. Customer’s responsibilities, as they relate to credit card processing features and Online Registration, include:  (a) providing Customer’s own merchant identifications and banking arrangements; (b) establishing and paying for Customer’s own payment gateway relationship; (c) Customer’s own web site development and hosting; and (d) all other customer relations, fulfillment and obligations.

g. Other. Customer will upload Customer’s logo electronically to use for the purposes of Online Registration. Customer will provide the Internet connection and equipment to use Online Registration.


  1. BrainRunner Responsibilities

a. Primary User Account. BrainRunner will establish a single User account with full access and privileges.

b. Organization, Business Units, Pools. BrainRunner will open an organization record within CampBrain and establish the internal settings to enable Customer use.

c. Payment Gateway. BrainRunner will enter payment gateway details provided by Customer into CampBrain.

d. URL. BrainRunner will establish the unique URLs for Customer for User login and Registrant registration.

e. Sessions, Session Options, Prices. BrainRunner will enter a sample of Customer’s configuration data (e.g. camps, sessions, session options, prices) in order to provide a base from which Customer can continue the process.

f. Data Import. Customer may provide BrainRunner with existing data for purposes of importing into CampBrain. Upon review, BrainRunner will provide a cost estimate to import this data. Upon approval of the cost estimate, BrainRunner will complete the import. Fees for data import are incremental to fees as set out in the Agreement.

g. Initial Training. BrainRunner will provide initial training to Customer, not to exceed 3 hours.

  1. Customer Responsibilities

a. Set Up Checklist. Customer will complete the set up checklist provided by BrainRunner in a timely, accurate and complete manner.

b. Payment Gateway. Customer is solely responsible for establishing an account with the payment gateway chosen by BrainRunner.

c. Sessions, Session Options, Prices. Customer is solely responsible for completing the setup of all camps, sessions, session options, prices and all other configurable data and settings in CampBrain. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information.

d. Forms. Customer is solely responsible for creating any additional forms required beyond the standard forms in CampBrain. Further, Customer is responsible for choosing which forms and fields are made available for online completion by Registrants and which forms and fields remain available to Users only. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the forms and information contained within.

e. Going Live. Customer is solely responsible for setting and establishing when and how they make registration available to Registrants.