A few weeks ago I had the extraordinary privilege of going on a canoe trip as a tripper with the Camp New Moon CITs. The “CIT Trip” is a New Moon rite of passage. It’s the CITs’ last trip as campers and it’s a good one. In 6 days we paddled and portaged 87 km through the interior of Algonquin Park in Ontario.

(Map from Jeff’s Maps at http://www.algonquinmap.com/)

Like many parts of summer camp, trip provides the opportunity to demonstrate your character, and the 2015 New Moon CITs showed their absolute best: grit, determination, resilience, thoughtfulness – so much thoughtfulness, strength, humour, and an extraordinary and infectious generosity. I could not have been more proud.

This trip reinforced many of my already strongly held beliefs. I believe that Algonquin Park is a national treasure for Canada. I believe that paddling Lake Opeongo with a headwind is not a good idea. I believe that teenagers on a canoe trip can eat several times their own body weight every day. And I believe that devoting your life’s work to the summer camp industry and all the people it touches is a worthy cause, and I can get up and go to work in the morning feeling good about the clients we serve.

Thank you to Camp New Moon and the 2015 CITs for the best canoe trip of my life.