• December 12, 2022
  • Melissa Douglas

We Celebrate 10 years of Rich & Mohit

2010 was a remarkable year! As we were listening to “Call Me, Maybe” and dancing “Gangham style”, we also welcomed Rich Stewart and Mohit Chaudhary to the CampBrain Team. CampBrain was lucky enough to make 10 trips around the sun with these rising stars.

As with our 5-year anniversaries, over the last few months, we honored each in our company “huddles” with backstories, accomplishments, fun tidbits, and insights into what makes them tick.

Here are some of the notes from those huddles on each of these valued Brainers and a few of their impactful contributions to CampBrain:

Mohit “Mo” Chaudhary

Mohit joined the CampBrain family in November 2012, starting in a software support role. Mo brought a technical presence to a customer-facing role and was able to bring additional technical guidance to both clients and colleagues. Shortly after starting at the Brain, Mohit moved to the reporting team. He spent the better part of 7 years maintaining standard reports and creating new custom reports that were requested by our clients. During his time in reporting, Mohit was the go-to person for the toughest report requests and could often be found training his colleagues on how to use our reporting tools effectively.

After Reporting, Mohit made the move over to the Development side and became CampBrain’s Site Reliability Specialist. Mohit’s work in this role was and continues to be a big part of what keeps the CampBrain system humming along. Mohit became the expert in monitoring our systems and responding to any issues that needed addressing behind the scenes. A lot of his effort in this role translated to our clients having the smoothest CampBrain software experience possible.

Mohit now works as a member of CampBrain’s DevOps team.  He splits his time building his DevOps skills, building more efficient background processes, while still maintaining his responsibilities as a site reliability specialist.

Not only does Mohit possess a strong work ethic and tremendous technical skill, but he is also one of the kindest and most caring folks around. He approaches every challenge with care to the customer in mind, and every interaction with kindness. Mo embodies GRIT (Grounded, Resilient, Innovative, Tenacious) to the fullest, and has a witty humour that will have a room in stitches when you least expect it. We are very fortunate to have Mohit as part of the CampBrain team!

When Brainers reach their 10-year milestone, it often means we have been honoured to see them through meaningful personal events as well, and Mohit is no exception. We were thrilled to congratulate Mohit on the occasion of his marriage last year!

Rich Stewart

Rich joined our technical support team in March 2012 and immediately made his mark within the team – smart, quick to learn and apply, calm, thorough, thoughtful. He learned the more technical aspects of the job and was routinely assigned the more complex tasks…if Rich had it, he had it. For those long-time clients, you will recall that Zee and Shilpa were our operational leaders at that time. After spending over a decade with us, Zee pursued his next challenge in Summer 2014 and this opened up a spot in our management team. Although only with us for 2.5 yrs, Rich was the unanimous choice to become a manager.

The mid-2010’s were busy times! We were adding to the web version of our product at a rapid pace, converting hundreds and hundreds of clients from our desktop product, expanding our support team and Rich was at the center of the action. He worked closely with fellow managers, Alison, Alex and Goran for several years and built consistent, quality relationships across the company. Rich has reported to me for almost 8 of his 10 yrs and, through our “skip interview” process, I was able to obtain feedback from those that worked with him. In reviewing that feedback recently, there were consistent words used each year to describe him: supportive, caring, great listening skills, thoughtful, kind, calm, patient, approachable, problem-solver, excellent communicator.

Rich became our Director of Operations in September 2020. His day-to-day may be different now (thinking about process, structure, team member growth, managing managers) but his strengths and attributes remain the same and continue to serve him very well as he sets a vision for our operations team (support, success, implementations, reporting).

On a more personal note, Rich’s sister-in-law passed away suddenly in Summer 2021 and Rich & Nicole (his wife) became guardians/parents to their 3yr old nephew. Not many of us will be called upon in such an important way in such trying circumstances. We are lucky at the Brain to have a view of the way in which they embraced this new role and not surprised in any way regarding their capability for it.

What a decade it is has been, Rich and Mo! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.  You both are truly one of a kind!

Love Your Software,