Goran is a recent addition to our team. He brings a great spirit and sense of humor to the office and will be a great add to our camp registration software team. He is not just a newbie to CB, but also to North America…arriving from Croatia! If you have not already, you will be speaking with him soon.

Q: My nickname growing up was…..
A: Oddly enough, my nickname was Johnny Guitar, that was the very first one I had. No idea why, I don’t even know how to play Smoke on the water on the guitar let alone something else.

Q: My favourite toy growing up was….
A: Little black Matchbox Pontiac Trans Am

Q: My favourite toy currently is….
A: My PC

Q: The thing I love most about coming to work every day…
A: The people! I love working with Brainners helping awesome camp staff out there. It’s just great!

Q: When I’m not at work, you can usually find me….
A: Out and about with my dog and my significant other.

Q: If I didn’t work at CampBrain, I would probably be….
A: I would be playing midfield for Liverpool Football Club. Now that I think about that, I would probably struggle to be even the water-boy. But I’m going with that, LFC it is!

Q: The lunch I most commonly eat at the office is….
A: Hmmm… sandwich?

Q: My special talent is….
A: I can imitate a voice of a donkey

Q: The worst present I have ever received from someone is….
A: Alarm clock with the most annoying sound, ugliest looks and never worked right.

Q: The worst present I have ever given someone is….
A: Cologne. That right there tells you “I have no idea what I’m doing”

Q: How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed?
A: Twice at the most.

Q: What is the most embarrassing CD you ever owned?  Do you still own it?
A: Not sure to be honest. I think I might have had that Aqua something people CD with the most annoying song ever, “Barbie girl”. Come to think of it that might be the worst present I have received. Actually, no, I will stick with that alarm clock. That was just the worst ever.

Q: Is toilet paper hung over or under?
A: What do you mean under? You can hang TP under too????

Q: If you could own a non-traditional pet which would it be?
A: Meerkat. They are hilarious.

Q: Ever been addicted to a video/computer game? Which one(s)?
A: Had a pretty rough time with Dark Age of Camelot. I could not stop playing that game. I literally had to set up a rehab plan to stop playing that. Now when I hear someone mentions MMROPG, I run. Like a  wind. In any available direction. As far as possible. Forest Gump like.

Q: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
A: Depends what type of shoes they are.

Q: Favourite smell
A: A blend of smells coming out of a top chocolatier store.

Q: What I miss most about being at camp (if you were ever a camper/staff at a camp)….
A: Meeting great people and having a great time with them. That’s one of the things I love about CampBrain, it sort of brings that back in a way.

Q: Anything else you want to add about yourself….
A: I have a dog. She is pretty funny. Has one floppy ear and loves to lay on her back. Wait, you wanted to see if I had anything else to share about me… well… erm… Did I mention I have a dog?