TIC camps finds value with CampBrain.

  • May 8, 2024
  • Devin Meister

Why TIC Summer Camp Loves CampBrain’s Camp Management Software

TIC Summer Camp has a rich history of providing unforgettable summer experiences to children across their three different locations, serving over 900 campers each year. For the past 20 years, TIC Summer Camp has relied on CampBrain to manage its camp operations.

We met with Emily Riedel, owner of TIC, to discuss some of the ways CampBrain’s management software has helped TIC Summer Camp.

Streamlined Processes and Efficiency

One of the standout benefits of CampBrain is how it helps us streamline our processes. Managing a day camp with multiple locations and hundreds of campers is no small feat, but CB makes it easy. Its intuitive interface and robust features ensure that everything runs smoothly, from registration for camp to coordinating staff. This efficiency allows us to focus on delivering the best possible experience for our campers.

Simplified Registration Experience

We know how important a smooth registration process is for parents. With CB, parents can breeze through registration, thanks to its user-friendly design. The software simplifies everything, from filling out forms to making payments, ensuring that parents can register their children without any hassle. This ease of use has significantly improved our registration rates and parent satisfaction.

Enhanced Safety with Mobile-Friendly Attendance

Safety is paramount at TIC Summer Camp. CB’s mobile-friendly attendance module makes taking attendance and tracking campers easy.  Our staff can easily staff to track campers twice daily, ensuring that we always know where each child is. The ability to take attendance on the go means our staff can spend more time engaging with campers and less time dealing with paperwork, enhancing both safety and the overall camp experience.

Focus on Camper Growth

Ultimately, our mission at TIC Summer Camp is to help campers grow. By taking care of the administrative and logistical aspects of camp management, CampBrain allows us to focus on what truly matters: the development and well-being of our campers. The time and resources we save using CampBrain are redirected towards creating enriching activities and fostering a nurturing environment for every child.


0:04 – 0 minutes 4 seconds

My name is Emily Riedel, I am with TIC Summer Camps and we’ve been using Camp Brain for over 20 years.

0:11 – 0 minutes 11 seconds

It’s a relational database, so it’s it’s much easier for us because we have so many programs.

0:20 – 0 minutes 20 seconds

So it’s definitely simplified things and for me as a parent and kind of the owner of the camp, the accountability aspect because it’s we do attendance twice a day and so having that like done easily on an iPad is makes it so much easier and I know like anyone can do it, you know 181625, it’s very easy and you just check, check, check, it’s very powerful and it continues to grow.

0:59 – 0 minutes 59 seconds

So the value that Camp Brain brings to my business is like I said earlier efficiency and Camp Brain is like all inclusive sort of turnkey.

1:11 – 1 minute 11 seconds

And so it just allows us to get back to what we really want to do, which is be with the campers, help them grow and all of that good warm fuzzy stuff.

1:24 – 1 minute 24 seconds

So I just it just keeps things simple and I think for the parents it’s really easy flow to get to the end of the registration because they don’t want to spend hours and hours filling out forms and all that kind of stuff.

1:38 – 1 minute 38 seconds

So it really it helps streamline things.