• May 20, 2020
  • Luke

Summer 2020 – Ontario Overnight Camps Closing


CampBrain started 25 years ago with a group of 10 Ontario-based camps. The Ontario camp community holds a special place in our company’s and team’s hearts. As a company, we have our annual retreat in September at a different overnight camp every year, and a large group of our team attended camp as campers, worked as staff and are now deeply involved in their respective alumni communities. By our very nature, the “magic” of camp is at our core.


Yesterday’s news – government mandated closure of overnight camps in Ontario – is a painful reality. Countless children will miss a summer as campers, CITS and staff. An untold number of hours of meeting, planning, and preparing will be pushed back a year. Although this is the safest option for our children and our greater community, it is still a tough pill to swallow.


We have a saying at CampBrain – “Wear Their Shoes”. We seek to understand where you are coming from and help you the best way we can to get whatever you need accomplished. Although we cannot understand the full pain you are experiencing of closing camp, we feel for you. This is a painful and new experience for all of us. If you need help with anything, we will be here to help the best that we can as you prepare your next steps at your camp.

Summer 2020 - Ontario Overnight Camps Closing

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