A well-structured camper profile screen should provide an appropriate summary of the camper’s relevant information and one-click access to every other piece of detail that you may want to see in given situations. When searching for a camper, this is the screen that you “land” on. Most of the time, it will provide the info you needed; some of the time, you will need to dig a little deeper and click through that extra layer. This is a critical part of any good camp registration software.

The camper profile screen in our web-based version provides a nice, clean appearance with easy access in all directions to more information. A beautiful tool for your camp registration software. Here are some highlights:

1. We are displaying all family members with the parents at the top. If you need to quickly reach someone, their contact details display on the left side. You may also jump into the household screen itself or either of the specific parent screens. Finally, siblings are displayed so that you can toggle between all of the family members.

2. Knowing what someone is registered in is most important. The core registration details are displayed right in the center of the screen. Click through to get into more detail such as specific forms completed (or outstanding for that season), the financial details, etc.

3. The web-version has an unlimited number of “seasons” that can be active at any time. “Two Oaks Summer Camp” is the only one active right now. But, you could have other programs running at the same time such as March Break Camp, Winter Camps, After School Programs, etc. The Camper Profile screen will show a summary of any season in which the camper has activity. Of course, you can then drill down into the individual season’s details.

4. The screen defaults to the “active” registrations but you may also wish to see “in progress” applications. For example, the parents may have started a registration but not completed it yet – you will see that in the in progress tab. You have a complete picture of all activity, whether submitted or not.