Sessions are over for most camps – time to get back to the blog and provide some more insight into CampBrain Web. Today’s topic – the Household screen.

Obviously, this is a pretty central spot. We have really expanded the ability to see the whole family and enough detail on each member. Pictures are included for everyone. Each person in the household has their own record in the system and each person can be registered for sessions. So, very easy to register a parent for family camp or a women’s weekend retreat. You can also navigate from here to an individual person’s more detailed profile or directly into their registration summary. We have numbered a few items in the screen cap:

1. At any time, you can access the household’s financial account to see the overall summary and drill down into the details of charges and payments.

2. Rather than always displaying emergency contacts on the screen, you can just click the tab at the top and it reveals the contact details in red for you.

3. For each person, there is an unlimited number of phone numbers.