Looking for Shilpa? She went on parental leave in early January, getting ready to be a first-time Mom! We are very excited for Shilpa as she starts this next phase in her life. Shilpa started with us in June 2008, celebrating her 6 yr anniversary with us this past season. As with most of our folks, Shilpa started in tech support and, as with most small companies, had her hand in just about everything. She eventually moved to a managerial role where she spent the last couple years, leading our tech support crew.

Upon learning about Shilpa’s leave, a customer wrote a very nice email to me, from which I will “steal” some excerpts:

She had this unique ability to work with me and take macro concepts and work with me to develop and articulate the micro tasks needed within the CampBrain team.

She never said things couldn’t be done.  She never said that is too hard.  She was clear about expenses, outcomes, limitations, and time frames.  She understood that value to a customer can be priceless when the solution achieves the desired outcome. 

Shilpa is a rare gem and I feel fortunate to have worked with her and I know that members of my  community are grateful for her kindness and vision.

Well said. I agree.

Shilpa’s plan is to take a full year off with her (soon-to-be-born) daughter and then return to the Brain.

We will post pics to our Facebook page once “little Shilpa” is born and, in the meantime, we are wishing Shilpa lots of rest and good health!