We have a couple product-related items next week: Version 2015.4 of CampBrain Web comes out on Monday and we have our Ad Hoc Reporting webinar on Wednesday.

Version 2015.4 will be our last feature release before the summer, with the next one coming at the end of the summer. There will be some features that you will be able to use right away, including the improvements to financial allocation and refunds, the saving of filter selections, enhanced communication abilities with in-progress applicants, more fulsome reporting around camper history, etc. A complete list of features is contained in the release notes, accessible from the Members’ Portal or within CampBrain Web itself.

I wanted to thank our working group of camps that volunteered to assist us as we re-designed our approach to the Staff module – we are incredibly excited about the official release at the end of summer. From the introduction of hiring stages and statuses …to the flexible and convenient position assignment process (think: the ability to have each staff work in a variety of positions throughout the summer, while being assigned to different cabins if necessary for sleeping and supervision)… to the incredibly robust financial component (think: the ability for the system to handle a variety of financial arrangements including hourly, weekly, monthly, seasonally, etc.), we know that you will be as excited to use the new Staff module. Again, we could not have worked through the details without our working group – thanks!

Shane (aka our data and reporting guru) will be leading a webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd at 1pm EST on Ad Hoc Reporting. This is the do-it-yourself, get-your-hands-dirty reporting section of CampBrain Web. Shane will take an hour or so to provide a detailed review of this tool, its hidden opportunities and its limitations. We will also save time for your questions. Last time I checked, we were at about 70% full so book your spot now. We will record the webinar and post it in the Members’ Portal if you can’t make it. We emailed invitations directly to administrators and those with Ad Hoc permissions at each of our camps using CampBrain Web.