We released our new camper medical module recently in the Web version. It was a lot of work but it is a beautiful piece. With any feature or module, there is an incredible amount of research, analysis and discussion with camps….but the medical module received more than its fair share! I feel like the team analysed hundreds of health forms, categorizing all types of medical data and analysing the various styles across our diverse base of camps.

One of the main benefits of this analysis is the resulting structure – seven logical, clear sections (e.g. allergies, medications). These sections are not just a bunch of generic fields to gather data under separate titles – rather, they are intelligent, detailed and each are structured in their own unique way to quickly capture the data needed. Parents will absolutely love completing this form online!

Here are some my favourite parts:

  1. Setup is easy. Within the 7 sections, the standard structure of each (e.g. common fields and questions) is already there. You just choose which parts you want, perhaps adjust some of the wording and lists, and then you are all set to roll.
  2. The parent experience is delightful. Beyond the clean, clear sections, we walk the parents through step-by step, using a lot of conditional fields (“triggers”). We only open additional fields and questions as needed. No allergies? No need to see any more fields on allergies then. Five allergies? We will open the fields for each allergy as the parent works through the section. Before answering “yes”:

    After answering “yes”:

  3. Strong medication tracking. We all know that medications coming to camp are increasing and management of them is critical. The section has excellent flexibility for both prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

  4. The reporting options are excellent. Due to the strong data structure (the key to all great reporting), slicing and dicing, filtering and sorting…and printing reports are all a pleasure. Use the filters to see the list of campers with epi-pens or specific food allergies. Print medication lists, sorted by when the medication is given. Provide your kitchen with clear lists of all campers with dietary restrictions and food allergies. The medical information world is open to you!

  5. Consolidate everything into one account for your parents. We have their registration, forms and financial and now we have their electronic health records as well…all under one account for them. Absolutely no need to have a separate system for electronic health records.

The Dev team has done a great job with the finer details (a topic near and dear to my heart!) as well: campers with epi-pens have a special alert in their record, the system maintains the original parent submission but also allows you to edit what they have submitted, you can make internal notes for yourself, you can create sections that are for office use only, it is really easy to modify lists (e.g. OTC medications) and re-word standard questions, etc.

I just checked our own database analysis and we can see a lot of activity in the medical module as camps prepare their forms. Glad to see everyone digging in…fantastic!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this significant new addition to the Web version. As always, let us know your feedback and suggestions. We are here for you.