• December 17, 2019
  • Luke

Introducing the Support Center

The Members Portal has long been a pain point for us at CampBrain. To put it (very) kindly, the Members Portal is a bit of a mess. Even if you know where to find the topic you want to learn about, you typically end up watching a long, dull, and outdated video.

Member's Portal
                                                                                                                    The old Member’s Portal

This brings us to the Support Center, our new knowledge base we released on November 27th. The Support Center is a searchable, comprehensive knowledge base with over 100 resources covering various topics in CampBrain. In addition, we have new videos and how-to documents across all modules, as well as an entire section dedicated to clients working through the implementation process.

Support Center
                                                                                                                 The new Support Center!

The Support Center is the result of over a year’s worth of work. After completing a thorough review of the Members Portal in 2018, we realized that the existing resources and functionality of the Portal wasn’t really meeting our clients’ needs. We want to provide easily accessible and consumable self-serve resources for our clients who don’t always want to call support. This means search capabilities, shorter videos, detailed documents, etc. For these reasons and many more, we made the decision to scrap the Members Portal entirely and launch the Support Center.

Here is why we’re excited about the Support Center:
  1. Remember scrolling and clicking through all the resources the Members Portal trying to locate a specific topic? With the Support Center, simply search by topic or keyword to easily find the resources you need.
  2. Brand new videos and how-to documents on over 80 topics in CampBrain thanks to our support team who spent many hours filming, writing, and editing.
  3.  Unlike the Members Portal, you don’t need a username and password to log in to the Support Center. Just open your CampBrain office portal, navigate to the Help section, and click on the Support Center button to access.

This is just the beginning. We plan on creating more content covering more topics, updating resources on a regular basis, and improving the Center’s configuration. In short, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible resources to do your job.

If you have any feedback regarding the Support Center or our learning materials, please contact Charlotte at learning@campbrain.com.

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