• February 1, 2020
  • Luke

I <3 Camp Day

I “heart” camp day started back in 2013 as a way to share and celebrate how camp affects each of us. We celebrated I “heart” camp day in our office this week and one of the things we did to celebrate was to share why we love camp. Here are some of the responses from the CampBrain team:

“Because of camp, I have a love for canoe trips, a fulfilling job at a pretty great software company, hundreds of absurd inside jokes, the ability to sand a popsicle stick into a mini canoe paddle, and a community of friends who I consider family. Camp taught me empathy, independence, perseverance, and how to laugh at just about anything.”

 -Charlotte Aicklen

“I love camp because it is a place for “kids to be kids”, a place where they can find their self without judgement, a place for kids to learn about living together in a community, a place to be challenged to try new things that they might not get the opportunity to do at home.”

  -Josh Bradshaw

“I love that camp is a place where kids who might not be loving school (yet) can experience a different kind of education, gain confidence, and grow to love learning. In addition to skills that engage your entire self and build your relationship with nature, like canoeing, camp gives us the chance to learn how to be positive citizens and build strong communities. Having a ‘home away from home’ increases our sense of belonging, and sense of self. It’s an adventure – one that is as fun and joyful as it is challenging and courageous.”

  -Miriam Fine

“I love camp because: I went to camp as a camper. I was staff at camp. I met my wife at camp. Our kids are growing up at camp. I have been working in software for camps for my entire adult life. I have spent so much time up north that I no longer react to mosquito bites.”

  -Shane Miskin

“I love camp because: camp taught me that I belong, just as I am. I don’t need to try to be anyone else, I can just be me!”

  -Vicky Fenwick-Sehl

“Camp has taught me so much – it’s why I can speak in front of a crowd, work in groups, and sing the entire Moose song, all valuable life skills. Simply put, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without camp.”

   -Luke Williams

“Camp meant everything to me growing up! It was where I learned independence, to be a leader, and to love the outdoors. It was, and still is, one of my favourite places on earth. I met some of my best friends at camp, and know I’ll be friends with them for life”.

   -Emily Peebles

“It is the camp community that inspires me the most – the selfless sharing of knowledge and information, the desire to collectively improve and make a bigger impact, the recognition that we all benefit when we all get better together. For me, this has made a big difference in my personal approach.”

   -Rob Carmichael

“Camp fosters communities filled with caring, empathetic, and quirky individuals. I love camp because of the people who make up these communities.”

  -Rich Stewart

From our entire team, have a wonderful day and summer at camp this year!

Luke wearing a baseball cap covered in birds

Love your Software, LukeW lukew@campbrain.com