Holiday Hours

With Christmas and New Years landing on the weekend this year, our support hours will remain pretty normal over the next several weeks (8:30am to 8:00pm EST). There are a few exceptions I want to highlight:

Tuesday, Dec 20, 1-4pm
We have a company event planned (yes, lots of food is involved)

Monday, Dec 26
The office will be closed

Monday, Jan 2
The office will be closed

As necessary, we can be contacted through the usual emergency email during these days.

Of course, we will have many staff off from about Dec 21 to Jan 3 but enough working on each day to ensure all needs are met. If you are working with a specific person on a particular project (e.g. implementation), let’s make sure individual schedules are known upfront so that everything is well planned.

I hope everyone has some fabulous time with family and friends planned.

Here’s to a safe, happy and healthy 2017,