• December 4, 2018
  • Luke

Here, you are seen

The Women in Camp Summit is a conference by women, for women, that covers a diverse set of topics in the camping industry, with a focus on visibility, voices, and vision. It is the first of its kind and was held this year from November 7th to 9th at Pheasant Run Resort in Illinois.

Here at CampBrain we truly believe in helping advance women in the camping community. That’s why we wanted to help send women to the summit, where they could learn from and collaborate with other amazing leaders in the camping community, and have some fun along the way. Over 100 women from the United States and Canada travelled to Illinois for the summit. One of those women was Molly DeWitt, from Pyoca Camp & Retreat Center. Molly submitted an application with CampBrain that was truly inspiring, and received free registration for the summit and a travel voucher as a result.

Molly had an amazing experience, and felt comfortable from the moment she arrived at Pheasant Run Resort. Molly wrote in depth about her experience at the women in camp summit on the Pyoca blog, and we highly recommend reading it for a thorough reflection on the conference.

Molly was in a community of her peers, all ready to learn and have fun – she felt like a camper again. The conference had many incredible moments, from workshops covering how to embed feminism into your camp culture, to being inclusive to both boys and girls.

The conference also facilitated important discussions, such as what it means to be #sheroes. Each attendee left with new tools to help them make a difference in their camp community and beyond.

The CampBrain team is delighted to have helped Molly attend the summit where they learned more about how to be seen, heard, and how to be great leaders.

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