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2022: Year in Review

2022: Year In Review Dear CampBrain Clients: I use this annual post to chat about what happened at the Brain in the past year, what we were thinking about, what mattered to us. Let’s acknowledge first that it has been … Continue reading

Inside Pride at CampBrain

Inside Pride at CampBrain   At CampBrain, we think a lot about our culture; how can we build a company that is intentionally welcoming & inclusive? How can we cultivate a sense of belonging? Just like summer camps, we care … Continue reading

Using NPS to Drive Customer Happiness

Using NPS to Drive Customer Happiness NPS is simple, easy to compare, and acts as an incredible measure of brand performance. For a camp registration software, it has become an integral tool for us to measure our successes, identify areas … Continue reading

5 Videos to Watch Before the Summer

As summer approaches, we want to remind you about one of our favourite resources – the Support Center. The Support Center is home to over 200 videos and articles explaining everything from how to configure a beautiful email layout to … Continue reading

The 2022 CAHoF is Open!

The 2022 CAHoF is Open! The Camp Admin Hall of Fame has returned in 2022 for another exciting year. Lets come together to recognize and celebrate all of the hard working and dedicated camp administrators. Nominations for the Camp Admin Hall of … Continue reading

Camp Store

Camp Store Every overnight camp has a store (perhaps you call it “tuck shop” or “canteen”?). You would be hard-pressed to find a camp that does not sell something to their campers. Whether it be clothing, snacks, or items needed at camp, … Continue reading

Expanded Gender in CampBrain

Expanded Gender in CampBrain After years of research and months of development, the expanded gender feature will be released in CampBrain today. The story of gender in CampBrain has a long and winding road. Before implementing our solution, we had … Continue reading

2021 Holiday Hours

With the holidays season coming up, many of our staff will be taking some time off this December. We will always have enough people in the office to support you during the holidays, but there will be a few adjustments … Continue reading

DEI: CampBrain’s Journey So Far

In early 2020, we drafted a new 3-year strategic plan. Creating a welcoming workplace has always been important to us, and in this plan we set out to apply a Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) approach to creating a culture … Continue reading

Five New Faces

Five New Faces Supporting our clients is the highest priority at CampBrain. In the summer, when camp is in full swing, our phones begin to quiet down. This gives us the opportunity to plan for next season. This past summer … Continue reading

2021: Year in Review

Hard to believe but I am writing my second “Year in Review” post with the cloud of COVID stubbornly and annoyingly hanging around. This has felt very much like a year of rethinking past norms, leaning into strong values, willingness … Continue reading

CampBrain Academy

In August 2020, we were planning for our first fall without BRAINSTORM in 5 years. While we knew we couldn’t gather in person, we also knew it was more important than ever to find ways to support our clients as they planned for 2021. We also knew we had extra time … Continue reading