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Get Ready for Summer Now

Get your summer vibes now! We want to make sure your camps launch without a hitch. That’s why we’ve assembled this useful collection of webinars, videos, and of course, one of our favourite resources – the Support Center – here. … Continue reading

CampBrain’s Service Bus

As a software company with a growing client base, we have two challenges that never go away. First, the load on the system increases every year. We have more users, more features, and more registrants for camp. Second, as soon … Continue reading

Using NPS to Drive Customer Happiness

Using NPS to Drive Customer Happiness NPS is simple, easy to compare, and acts as an incredible measure of brand performance. For a camp registration software, it has become an integral tool for us to measure our successes, identify areas … Continue reading

5 Videos to Watch Before the Summer

As summer approaches, we want to remind you about one of our favourite resources – the Support Center. The Support Center is home to over 200 videos and articles explaining everything from how to configure a beautiful email layout to … Continue reading

Camp Store

Camp Store Every overnight camp has a store (perhaps you call it “tuck shop” or “canteen”?). You would be hard-pressed to find a camp that does not sell something to their campers. Whether it be clothing, snacks, or items needed at camp, … Continue reading

Expanded Gender in CampBrain

Expanded Gender in CampBrain After years of research and months of development, the expanded gender feature will be released in CampBrain today. The story of gender in CampBrain has a long and winding road. Before implementing our solution, we had … Continue reading

The Conference Center…in Web

In 2001, we recognized the need for a strong module to track conference and retreat center bookings (i.e. group bookings) and we released our first version that year. Over the years, we honed our knowledge, added features and continued to build our strength in this area. If you are a long-time client, do you remember what our first calendar looked like in 2001? Not pretty! On September 14th, 2016, we will release our latest iteration of that module in our Web version.

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The New Staff Module

We released the new Staff module in our Web version yesterday. Our Development Team did not just want to re-create the same experience from the Desktop version – we knew we could improve upon it and it would mean more time and energy to analyse and consider various options. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say they reviewed hundreds of staff applications. This part was key to getting the online application structure and experience top-notch. That hard work meant they were able to identify the commonalities and structure appropriate sections, ultimately making the applicant's job a pleasure.

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New Camper Medical

We released our new camper medical module recently in the Web version. It was a lot of work but it is a beautiful piece. With any feature or module, there is an incredible amount of research, analysis and discussion with camps….but the medical module received more than its fair share! I feel like the team analysed hundreds of health forms, categorizing all types of medical data and analysing the various styles across our diverse base of camps. Read more...

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The “Small” Features

Building software that people love to use is often more about the attention to detail on the small features than the “flashy” big features. I am the first to admit that the “flashy” features can have a lot of sway in a prospective demo…but they are not the key to the long term happiness of the camp administrator and parent. Rather, long term happiness is won in the trenches of the small features – the small ways in which those bigger features work and the thoughtful, less obvious features that make a difference in someone’s day.

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