• May 14, 2018
  • Luke

Canoe Heads for Kids 2018

This year CampBrain will be participating in Amici’s Canoe Heads for Kids, and we couldn’t be more excited!

It’s going to be a long portage


Amici is a charitable organization going into their 52nd year. In those years, they have provided over 2,700 camping experiences to children from low income families and have raised over $830,000. 

Camp has made a substantial impact on so many lives. It is where children can go and be free, escape from their regular lives and just have fun. Every kid should have the opportunity to spend their summers at camp. To make friends, try new things, and be a contributing member of a community. The experiences you have as a child shapes who you will be as an adult. Camp gives you an opportunity to do so many activities you’d never have a chance to do, while teaching valuable life skills. It gives you those valuable experiences and life skills you can build off of and use everyday as an adult. This year CampBrain is partnering with Amici, sponsoring and participating in Canoe Heads for Kids, a fundraiser to send children from low income households to Ontario camps. We want to give as many children as we can the opportunity learn, play and grow in our camp community.

Canoe Heads for Kids is Amici’s biggest fundraising event, this year happening on June 2nd. It is a 7.5 km portage (with water stations throughout) and then a 7.5 km canoe along Toronto’s waterfront. Beginning in 2006, Canoe Heads has now grown to include over 140 paddlers and portagers in an effort to send more kids to camp!


Map of the Canoe Heads route along Toronto’s waterfront, with the very important water station! 

This event hits a special place in our hearts. Camp has impacted us in a huge way. Most CampBrain employee’s grew up at camp, their children go to camp. We as a company were built on summer camp. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to be apart of the camp community, to try new things, and to make new friends.

That’s why on June 2nd you’ll see some Brainers paddling and portaging down Toronto’s waterfront. If you can please support the cause by donating to the CampBrain team. We are trying to raise$10,000, and any amount will help! Otherwise feel free to stop by the Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre, say hello, and support the participants!


Canoe Head participants in 2017
Luke wearing a baseball cap covered in birds

Love your Software, LukeW lukew@campbrain.com