• April 30, 2021
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Camp Administrator Hall Of Fame 2021 Inductees

The 2021 Camp Administrator Hall of Fame has come to a conclusion! Thank you to everyone who nominated, voted, and supported the 2021 Camp Admin Hall of Fame, and congratulations to the 2021 inductees Mandy Montgomery, Pamela Gilchrist, Russ Schultz, and Shannon Glanville for entering the Hall!

This past year, more then any, is a shining example of why we have the Hall. Through a tumultuous year full of uncertainty, we relied on administrators to stay calm and composed. They were called on to preform duties well outside their expertise and did so wonderfully without fuss or fanfare. For the incredible work you did this year, and all years past, we say thank!

With that, here is a bit about each of the four 2021 inductees into the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame:

Mandy Montgomery

The Maple

Mandy is our Maple inductee, having the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana community rally behind her to amass the most votes for the Hall in 2021! 

Here is a little bit about our Maple inductee:

“Mandy goes over and beyond in anything she does. She never says no, but “how can we make this work?” The campers love her, and her sense of humor is contagious. Mandy is a rock STAR!!”

Mandy has selected the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana campership fund for her donation.

Mandy, Maple Inductee

Pamela O. Gilchrist

The Beech

Pamela is our Beech inductee, which is given to the nominee that receives the highest average votes, based on their camp population. 

Here is a little bit about our Beech inductee:

“Dr. Gilchrist takes a personal interest in each student’s future success in STEM, whether it is paying the registration fees of students whose families may not be able to afford the program, or how she reaches out to students’ years after they’ve participated in Imhotep or Kyran Anderson.” 

Fittingly, Dr. Gilchrist has selected Imhotep Academy as her fund of choice for her $750 donation to provide four students full scholarships to Imhotep or Kyran Anderson programming. 

Pam Gilchrist, Beech Inductee

Russ Schultz

The Oak

A 4 time nominee and 18(!) year camp administrator, our first 2021 Oak inductee is Russ Schulz from New Life Ranch. The Oak award is for a “lifetime achievement” in camping. Russ has dedicated his life’s work to New Life Ranch, and is a fitting recipient of the Oak!

Here is just a little bit about our first Oak inductee:

“Russ Schultz is New Life Ranch! He has a servant’s heart and always thinks of our campers and campers’ parents first and how we can serve them well.” 

Russ has selected the New Life Ranch campership fund for his donation.

Russ Schultz Oak Inductee

Shannon Glanville

The Oak

Shannon has a total of 13 years at Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility, and is a 4 time nominee for the Hall. Shannon is a tireless worker, who always has camp top of mind and puts her best foot forward every single day.

Here is a little bit about our second Oak inductee:

“Shannon shows her dedication to camp each and every day. She consistently prioritizes the needs of our clients first and goes above and beyond to ensure all of our campers, parents, outdoor education program participants, and rental groups have an exceptional experience.”

Shannon has selected the Pearce Williams campership fund for her donation. 

Shannon Glanville Oak Inductee

Congratulations to all of our Camp Administrator Hall of Fame 2021 inductees! If you want to read their full bio or learn more about the hall visit campadmin.org.

Nominations for the 2022 Hall open in January. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for all the latest information.

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