• June 20, 2024
  • Devin Meister

Bringing Unique Camp Experiences to Country Clubs 

KE Camps helps bring the camp experience to more than 12,000 campers each year with one unique difference: their full-time team never sets foot on the campsite. Instead, they enable country clubs to deliver a camp experience tailored to their unique needs and desires of their club. That’s why Boardroom Magazine has awarded KE Camps the Excellence in Achievement Award for Club Program of the Year every year since 2014.  

CampBrain is proud to be a long-time partner with KE Camps. We caught up with Cassandra Parker, Director of Campers and Families at KE Camps, to better understand how they use CampBrain to achieve their goals and commitment to true camper values.  

What has kept you a client at CampBrain for so long? 
We’ve been using CampBrain since 2011. The customer service is hands down the major thing, as well as how flexible everybody has been with our growing company. We are very unique and have over 250 camps this year. CampBrain has helped us grow and given us the tools we need to do so. 
What makes your camp unique? 
What’s really unique about KE Camps is that we actually partner with country clubs across the whole country. We have over 250 camps this year and our full-time team never steps foot on our campsite. Most camps don’t have that situation. 
How has CampBrain helped or changed your business? 
Every one of our camps is different. There are no two that are the same. CampBrain has allowed us to have all of our information in one place. That information has enabled us to grow and customize our camps for each location we’re working. 
How has CampBrain Registration impacted your parents’ experience?  
A lot of our parents are not used to a formal registration process. Things at the country clubs are a little more relaxed. Now our parents are able to just go right on to the CampBrain to register, give us all the information they need right there at one time. Then we have all their health forms, camper information, and forms submitted to us to ensure compliance and safety, and it’s easy to access as needed.  
What value does CampBrain provide to you and your camp?  
CampBrain provides us the ability to grow. We’ve gone from 25 to 250 camps since we’ve been with CampBrain. We don’t really have a limit on our growth due to what CampBrain provides us. The one word I could use to describe CampBrain would be flexible. 
What is your favorite thing about the CampBrain software?  
Reports. My favorite thing is that there’s a report for everything. And if there’s not, we can get one made. I just love that they’re quickly downloaded when you run the report. When I have a parent asking a question about ages, I can just run a report and I have that information within five seconds to give them. There’s no waiting. I love that!
How do you feel when you call customer service?  
We love customer service at CampBrain because everyone’s always happy and helpful. There’s never a time that we are waiting for answers. We get answers quick and if the person we speak with doesn’t have it, then we know we’re instantly connected to somebody that can help us.