• October 30, 2019
  • Luke


BRAINSTORM 2019, our fifth annual user conference, has ended! Everyone at CampBrain looks forward to BRAINSTORM as it is truly a unique event. From the open house to our Thursday night social, Rob’s keynote to one-on-ones, BRAINSTORM is filled with opportunities to network, learn and grow with 140 amazing clients and 45 wonderful CampBrain staff. Thank you to everyone who attended!

With feedback from 2018 and a second year offering a diverse set of sessions, we refined our approach to BRAINSTORM 2019. We introduced a new Conference Center session and panel to touch on an important module for many users. We offered longer, more detailed workshops to truly polish your skills and knowledge. We “pulled back the curtain” on the new Fundraising module and gave an in-depth review of design decisions. Finally, we ended the conference with group discussions for Overnight Camps, Day Camps and Schools to discuss how others use CampBrain. 

Unfortunately, this year we again had a long waitlist as BRAINSTORM sold out in August, earlier than ever before. We deliberately keep the conference at 140 participants to allow for more opportunities for personal interactions and individual growth. This year we also limited the amount of registrations from each organization to 3, allowing for a larger number of organizations register and ensuring each registrant would get the most out of BRAINSTORM. However for those of you who were on the waitlist, you will have priority registration for our next BRAINSTORM!

Quick Facts

For those who couldn’t make it to BRAINSTORM, here is a quick summary of our days:


What You Said

A common theme at the conference was feedback. It’s critical to receive feedback in order to understand what you are doing right and what you need to improve on. We ask for a lot of feedback and its incredibly valuable for us as we look for continuous improvement.

Thank you to all who have provided feedback. Let’s take a look at the responses, each of the items below are rated on a scale of 1-5, 1 being “not so good”, and 5 being “great”.

Venue – 4.8

   Valuable Learning Experience – 4.4

Food – 4.3

   Well Run & Organized – 4.8

Walking Tour – 4.5

   Conference Communication – 4.8

Open House – 5

   Feeling cared for – 4.8

Thurs Night Social – 4.8



We love hearing the comments about your experience, and we read each and every one of them. Here are some that we would like to share, so you get a sense of what people were thinking:

This is the best conference I have ever attended. The CampBrain employees are a harmoniously united hospitable bunch of awesome people. At every step of the way, the CB team was present, eager to engage, helpful, personable, and hosted like a professional hosts! This conference was run better than a wedding. I appreciated your warm hospitality, your attention to details, and the coordination of amazing events and sessions. I am immensely impressed with the company, the people, and the ethos. Thank YOU for inviting me to your conference. It was stellar! (giving you a standing ovation and clapping my hands)

Rory Hearse – Trinity Episcopal School, Austin

Excellent networking, lots of knowledge learned and it was great to meet people working in similar organizations. Food was excellent as well. thanks!

Kelly Hayes – CNIB Lake Joe

 Not only do I leave inspired to try new things I learn during the conference, I enjoy making connections with CampBrain staff and other users. I like seeing their registrations and unique ways others are using the software. I look forward to this event every year!

Mandy Okoye – Isidore Newman School

Excellent conference. This is one of my favorite conferences each year because it includes new material, high level thinking, and practical use of the software we use on a daily basis. Everyone comes away with something.

Mark Moyer – Setebaid Services, Inc.

Often conferences are either useful OR fun. This was both. There was good information, and lots of it. Presenters were personable, and flexible, interesting, and kind. I’ve loved CampBrain since I started using it. This conference reinforced my opinion of the software, and now that I’ve heard your company philosophy, and put faces to the names and voices I like it even more.

Charley Pelissier – Friends Academy Summer Programs


We could go on and on about BRAINSTORM (and we will at the office!), but if you want to get a look at everything we did at BRAINSTORM, check out our Facebook photo albums.

Thank you to all who helped make BRAINSTORM 2019 such a great success!


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