Zee was not the only one to hit a 10-yr milestone at CB this year. Brad did as well! Now, it is likely that you have never spoken to Brad but you have been heavily impacted by his work! He is one of our developers and has worked on just about every aspect of CB possible, both the web and desktop versions.

Brad worked on much of CB’s core – charges, payments, cabinizing, online registration, etc. His “code” has been responsible for the registration of millions of campers and the processing of billions (yes, that is a “b”) of dollars in camp fees. Suffice to say that Brad’s work has been significant and very meaningful and he continues to pour his efforts into our web version.

Brad has seen the changes and growth at CB Р3 offices, over 60 employees, multiple technologies, programming languages, reporting systems and databases! Through it all, he has maintained an incredible consistency, reliability, quiet grace and an important sense of humour.

The Dev team celebrated this milestone with a nice dinner, some wine and perhaps a little reminiscing.

Thanks, Brad, for your huge contribution and I look forward to millions more campers being registered due to your “code”.