Alice is a “lifer” in camp terms. She joined the CB crew this past September, straight from her position at Camp Oconto where she spent many fabulous years. You know how they say “a picture says a thousand words”…well, the picture below does a fine job of depicting Alice….someone who brings a great spirit and fun approach to the team, every day. We have had more decorations to celebrate holidays in our office since Alice (and Alison) joined than in the past 20 years combined! Read on to learn more about the personality on the other end of the tech support line…

Q: My nickname growing up was….. 
My parents used to call me Ali-Cat because I curled up like a cat when I slept.

Q: My favourite toy growing up was….
Every Barbie that I could get my hands on and of course polly pockets!

Q: My favourite toy currently is….
My rubber band ball on my desk at work.

Q: The thing I love most about coming to work every day…
Being able to work with a bunch of camp friends!

Q: When I’m not at work, you can usually find me….
Playing trivia, singing karaoke, or daydreaming about camp!

Q: If I didn’t work at CampBrain, I would probably be….
Working for camp, obviously!

Q: The lunch I most commonly eat at the office is….
A can of tuna… or as my coworkers call it, a can of cat food (refer to childhood nickname)!

Q: My special talent is….
Tie-dying t-shirts – send me your camp shirts!

Q: The worst present I have ever received from someone is….
A pack of eight smelly markers for my sweet sixteen

Q: The worst present I have ever given someone is….
Hand-me-down clothes to my younger sister

Q: How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting out of bed?
At least three times

Q: What is the most embarrassing CD you ever owned?  
A free CD from Pizza Pizza (only had four songs on it), that me and my younger sister used to dance to on repeat.

Q: If you could own a non-traditional pet which would it be?

Q: Ever been addicted to a video/computer game? Which one(s)?
I used to love playing The Sims with my friends, it was like playing virtual house.

Q: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Never… unless they are my running shoes then they are usually too tight to not untie.

Q: Favourite smell

Q: What I miss most about being at camp (if you were ever a camper/staff at a camp)….
This is going to be my first summer away from camp, so I’ll let you know in the Fall (but, it will probably be… being able to jump into the lake)!