• February 9, 2021
  • Josh

9 Camp Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Lots of us at CampBrain love to listen to and use podcasts as a tool to learn and grow. There are lots of great podcasts out there, especially in the Summer Camp Industry. Below are some of the best camp podcasts to have on your list. We listen to these to hear the discussions camps are having, gain insight to valuable knowledge of ongoing issues in Summer Camp. Within some of these great podcasts, are amazing tools and resources you could use at your camp. 

Here are 9 camp podcasts you should be listening to: 

Camp Owners Podcast 

Exploring issues and best practices that professionals in the Private Camp industry face everyday 

Day Camp Podcast 

The best ideas, strategies, and discussions in the Day Camp industry 

CampWire Podcast 

The CampWire podcast features episodes of in-depth conversations with camp and youth development experts.

The Sherry Group Podcast

Sherry Group LLC partners, Drew Demery and David Sherry interview Camping Professionals to gain greater insight into common challenges, effective leadership techniques and positive outcomes. 

Inspiring Radical Empathy Podcast

A podcast dedicated to inspiring the next generation of radically empathic decision makers 

The Scamp Life Podcast

A weekly discussion of summer camp ideas for summer camp professionals. 

Camp Code Podcast 

Leadership & staff training ideas, tips & tricks for the summer camp industry 

Beyond Camp Podcast 

Exploring the intersection of camp and our lives 

The Camp Hacker Podcast

Free audio show for summer camp leaders, featuring camp directors from across North America and from many different camping backgrounds. 


Enjoy learning and engaging with these podcasts, and let us know what other podcasts you are listening too in the camping industry. 

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