We celebrated the addition of 5 people to our “5 Year” paddle in 2015. Sixteen people have hit their 5 year mark with the team over time (not all are still with us). I am really proud of this particular accomplishment. Working at CampBrain is not a slow-paced job! Whether in support, development, sales, etc….the pace and expectations are very high. Having so many Brainers reach this significant milestone speaks to their dedication, commitment and passion to be part of something unique.

2010 was clearly a fine year. We hired 5 fantastic individuals:

Alex is one of our managers in Operations, overseeing implementations and online registration setups. He has been integral to our growth over the last many years and provides excellent support to his team.

Michael is our Product Architect and Lead Developer. Put simply, he built the foundation and architecture of our Web version! He leads our development crew and is an incredibly smart individual that masters just about everything he touches.

Tyler is our Online Registration Guru Extraordinaire. Perhaps not his official title here but it should be! Gifted with a highly technical and creative mind, Tyler is a natural problem-solver and he extends that well beyond just online registration items at CB.

Ryan is a Developer but you may remember him from his Support days. He joined us in our Tech Support team, wanting to connect to customers and provide service. He moved back to his natural habitat (software development) a couple years back and has hit it out of the park there.

Amanda-Sue is our Office Manager. No one touches as many different tasks as Amanda-Sue and has such broad responsibilities, including all billing and contracts. Like a camp administrator in a camp office, she is the center of our operation here.

Amanda-Sue, Alex and Michael at Camp Wenonah on our recent getaway weekend:

I sure hope we can match the success that was the 2010 hiring bonanza!

Thanks to Alex, Michael, Tyler, Ryan and Amanda-Sue for your huge contributions over the last 5 years and here’s to the next 5.